The Australian Association of Lyceum Clubs Incorporated (AALC) has five member Clubs which are based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The total membership is 2042.

Each Club is represented by a delegate at an Annual General Meeting when the activities of the Association are reviewed and new proposals are discussed.

The affairs of the AALC are administered every three years from Club to Club on a rotational basis, it is currently in Brisbane.

The President of the AALC is the Australian representative on the International Central Bureau which is the executive body of the International Association of Lyceum Clubs.

Lyceum Club members are women who are interested in a wide range of subjects including art, literature, languages, music, science and social concerns and who enjoy the company of others with similar interests.

The aim of the AALC is to promote a spirit of goodwill and understanding within the Association and to enhance the enjoyment of Lyceum by providing opportunities for contact and friendship with members of other Lyceum Clubs.

Lyceum Clubs Incorporated Worldwide Members